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Robots generate leads at trade shows, prequalify, and introduce attendees to booth sales staff.

Robots at trade shows mean business.

After the robot operator reads a passing attendee’s name tag, the robot makes contact with the attendee and addresses them by name. The attendees are invariably surprised and stop to talk to the robot.

After a little fun and banter, the robot then prequalifies the attendee by asking a question, such as, “Do you use widgets?” If they say “no,” the robot says “thanks” and politely discharges them. The robot then moves on to the next prospect.

If the attendee says, “yes,” the operator cues your sales staff with a cute robot sound effect. At this time one of your sales staff approaches the robot who then introduces the prospect them. Then the robot moves on to the next attendee. And so on.

Robots are tireless workers, and will keep a steady stream of strong leads flowing into your booth.


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