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At parties our robots can greet, stimulate, and entertain your guests as they arrive, through interactive joking, dancing and playing.

They can deliver a custom rap, be part of a company skit, or roast your guest of honor.

The robots have a great sound system and can also play music of your choice while cruising through your party interacting with the guests.

The surprise of a robot addressing your guests by name with personalized information (which can be whispered into the operator’s ear) can create quite a playful and memorable experience.

The robot can say, for example, “Congratulations on your promotion, Mr. Jones.” or “I heard about your new car, how’s it running, Ms. Jennings?”

Guests usually cannot figure out how the robot knows this information.

Of course, the robot can also inform people that the “coat-check” is to your left and “the bar is to your right.”


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