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Atlas Robotics interactive robots are guaranteed to add excitement and fun to your fair.

Most people have never had a chance see or speak with a real live Robot—and when they do, they are filled with the feeling that something magical and exciting is happening.

At fairs, our robots are very useful while they entertain. First and foremost they are wonderful greeters as your attendees enter your fairgrounds.

Our robots are operated by a live entertainer, or “robot operator,” who directs the robot using wireless remote control. The robot seems to be speaking to the fair-goers when the operator, who is hidden, uses his remote microphone. The well-hidden operator can converse with the crowd through the robot, and in this way, you can have our robots discuss any information with your attendees that you choose, such as upcoming special events, show times, and event locations.

The robots are a lot of fun for everyone!


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